To Do Media & Marketing

Public Relations – Wendi has twenty years of excellent relationships with media including TV, radio, daily print, monthly magazines, bloggers, and influencers. Her skills range from crisis management during the Joplin tornado, to eye-catching emails & strategic social media posts. Additionally, she has relationships with media personalities throughout the United States and is ready to take on new challenges of communication for you. Most businesses hire an attorney to protect their assets in a court of law; sometimes, a professional is needed to tell a story to address the court of public opinion.

Pricing: Public Relations works best on a negotiated retaining scale, however, temporary and small project rates are $40 per hour.

Business Listings – Wendi stays up to date on digital trends that can improve your business search results and relationships with customers and colleagues. She can build your business listings in Google, TripAdvisor, and more to ensure that customers can find you and that your reputation is reflective of your business.

Pricing: MAY I HELP YOU new customer discount! The months of January thru June 2020 bring an opportunity to update your Google listing with photos, accurate location & hours, and reviewer response. For $100, Wendi will validate business listings, update the business profile, add five photos, respond to three reviews, deliver passwords and instructions to staff to continue the process year around.

Social Media – From channel to channel, Wendi offers a fresh voice and perspective to capture a variety of audiences. She can create content for most networks and strives to pass the talent on to your staff. The goal of To Do by Wendi will develop a strategic plan of engagement for your business and train your staff to implement daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that target your clients and potential customers to maximize your investment. Every month will produce engagement and progress reports.

Pricing: Negotiable. Each month will focus on one channel for a discount opportunity. Starting rates of $40 per hour for training staff in specific channels with provided content, photos, and links. For clients needing content, graphic design, and consistent posting in addition to reports and tracking, monthly pricing starting at $500 is available.

Website Content Development – In the 21st century, your business website is more important than a phone or a smile. It is THE primary line of customer service. Wendi offers a users view to evaluate your communication efforts with your most valued asset. She can offer insight on trends, design, search engine optimization, monthly analytic reports, and create a checklist to help developers understand your needs. She even knows a developer or two who can offer quick and efficient web design service!

Pricing: Starting at $40 per hour for small projects and/or $100 per month for annual reporting contracts

Marketing – There are a lot of avenues out there to get the word out on your skills and talents. Wendi has years of experience in working with Google ad words, radio, magazine, television, and digital advertising. Her focus on the metrics of marketing will review your goals & services to find where your potential clients can be found. Wendi has a system to develop a customized and strategic marketing plan that can target your needs and lessen your load of listening to ad pitches. In addition to working with a variety of sales staff, Wendi has excellent relations with marketing firms and can help you compare a variety of contracts so that you can get back to servicing your customers.

Pricing: Starting at $40 per hour for small projects or annual marketing management for 4% of total marketing budget